What is IoT consulting?

Internet of Things (IoT) consultants help businesses understand IoT technology, provide a roadmap to reduce company costs, optimize processes, and improve products & services thanks to IoT technology. Some IoT consulting companies also offer development services to build IoT solutions.

Why is IoT consulting important now?

IoT is an emerging area that can provide unique advantages to companies from different industries, yet, hiring an IoT talent is expensive (the average salary of an IoT developer in the USA is $125,000/year) because IoT talent is in short supply.  Businesses need to hire an IoT consulting company if they

  • can not afford to build an internal IoT team and need to build new IoT powered products
  • are not knowledgeable enough on IoT to build an IoT strategy
  • need recommendations about products in the market
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Our IoT consulting activities

Typical IoT consulting services include

  • Identification of potential use cases: IoT consultants can observe your business’ activities and identify where your business can leverage IoT. Along with that, they determine the highest value ways to incorporate IoT into existing business processes, new businesses, and performance improvement efforts.
  • IoT strategy development: IoT implementation requires strategy development and a framework that helps businesses throughout the process.
  • R&D and prototyping: IoT is still an emerging technology. R&D or Proof of Concept work is required to identify the benefits and challenges of a specific technology approach.
  • Hardware and software vendor recommendations: Their expertise in the field enable them to know the best products in the market. They help companies by simply sharing their knowledge on the topic.
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